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Food Storage – doing it right

October 29, 2010

Proper food storage is essential. Improper storage leads to spoilage and waste - learn how to do it properly. Here is a good video I found on YouTube about food storage. Great primer to get you started.
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Basic Skills

October 8, 2010

Face it, many of us are not skilled craftsmen. We have talents and abilities, but the majority of people tend to hire specialized skills. While growing up, I watched my dad to about everything. He is an extremely skilled craftsman at just about all facets of construction. Patience and his perfectionism worked to his...
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Another Gold record!

October 5, 2010

Wow – look what Gold and Silver prices are doing today! Good for everyone that owns some, but I see it more as an indication of what the future holds. When investors/wealthy people get scared, they buy gold as a hedge against inflation – all that buying causes the price to jump (supply and...
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