Lessons from Sandy

November 1, 2012

Our prayers are with those who have suffered and are currently suffering in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. We hope relief comes quickly and that no additional lives are lost.

While watching this tragedy unfold, I cannot help think what it would be like if every American had the prepper mindset – how much faster people would be able to recover and how much needless suffering could be avoided – all with a few simple preps.

Most of the people in the U.S. are ill-prepared, and when a disaster happens, it becomes very evident what the shortfalls are in our society. Here are a few simple preps, that would make the east coast scenario much much easier on those involved.

Clean drinkable water – the #1 need for everyone in an emergency situation is clean water. A 3 day supply can make all the difference in the world! Instead of desperation, people could stay calm and stay put while emergency crews did their job.

Watertight food storage – just a few days are needed while emergency workers get the roads cleared and power back on. Foods that can be prepared or eaten without power are preferable.

Communications – many times help does not come because no one is aware of the need. Many different radio frequencies are monitored in an emergency and a battery powered radio (FRS, GMRS, CB, HAM) can make authorities aware of immediate needs such as medical emergencies.

First Aid Kit – a good first aid kit and the knowledge on how to use it can save lives. Simple medical issues can quickly become major issues when they go untreated – a good first aid kit allows you to treat or at least stabilize a medical condition long enough to gain proper medical care.

The more preps a person has the better they can endure an emergency, but the few simple preps listed above would get you through the tough times and allow you to stay put (as long as your dwelling survived). Or, a car loaded with the above items could transport you to safety and you could live outside the “desperation” mode most others are currently in.

Take care and keep prepping – we never know when it’s our turn. (and keep praying for those on the east coast)

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