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Food & Cooking

1 Year Food Supply For 1 Adult Alternate Cooking Methods
Animals for Food Base Camp Trail Stove
Brush Fungus Stove Bucket Stove
Coal Extenders Cultivating Vegetables
Dehydrating Food Dutch Ovens
Emergency Bread Emergency Food For Babies
Essential Nutrient Sources Expedient Cooking
Fireless Cooker Food-Borne Illnesses
Food Safety Food Storage and Rodents
Food Storage in the Home Freezer Bag Meals
Grains and Legumes Growing Wheat by Hand
Improvised Grain Mill Making an Oil Press
Mylar Bag Sealing Methods Pantry Pests
Plant Identification Plumber’s Stove
Poisonous Plants Preparation of Dairy Products
Raising Rabbits Render Animal Fat
Rocket Stove Solar Cooking 1 2
Solar Food Drying Stocking Food
Stocking for Small Spaces Storage of Wheat
Thermos Bottle Cooking Tinder Fungus

Power, Light & Heat

Candle Making DynaGlo Kerosene Heater
Emergency Home Heating Heat, Light and Power
Residential Wood Heating Toyoset Kerosene Heater
What if the Electricity Goes Off? Winter Power Failure

Water & Sanitation

Build a Hand Pump Calcium/Sodium Hypochlorite
Emergency Disinfection Getting Started Storing Water
Homemade Berkey Water Filter Priming the Berkey Filter
Rainwater Harvesting Sanitation
Slow Sand Filters Solar Water Heater
Water Treatment

Medical & First Aid

Bird Flu Diagnosis & Hygiene Cholera
Community Mitigation Emergency Childbirth
Face Masks Flu Home Treatment
Herbal Formulas Home Remedies
Isolation Planning Management of Bodies During Disaster
Mass Casualty Planning and Burial Medical Emergencies
Medical Kit (Supply List) Pandemic Flu Citizens Guide
Safe Burial Practices Survival Medicine
Wilderness Medical Kit Radiation Remedies *

Prep Documents & Manuals

Aids to Survival All Hazard Preparedness
Becoming Self-Sufficient for 6 Months Chemical Emergencies
Complete Book of Self Sufficiency Disaster Handbook
Earthquake Preparation EMP Threat
Family Emergency Handbook Family Emergency Plan Template
FEMA – Are You Ready? Flood Preparations
General Supply List Home Hurricane Sheltering
Last Minute Preparations LDS Preparedness Manual
Prep for People with Disabilities Response to Terrorism
Social Distancing & Readiness Survival Fighting
Surviving in the City Taking Shelter
Winning City Fights

Projects & Skills

Backyard Green House Blacksmithing
Compact Survival Kit Crossbows
Dangerous Animals Hand Signals
Homemade Traps & Snares Knife Sharpening
Knot Tying Plumbing
Shortwave Radio 1 2 Signaling and Direction Finding
Soap Making Strengthening Exterior Doors
Survival Shelters  1 2 Tanning Hides
Wood Gas Generator Secret Hiding Places
Fire Safety and Extinguishers Making Charcoal
Fighting Fires Fire by Bow Drill
Fire by Can Fire by Flint, Steel and Battery

Most of this library of articles and information was originally posted on His site was closing down, so he encouraged others to download and/or post them elsewhere. I hated to see his hard work go to waste, so I am re-posting it all here.

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