Shoestring Series

I found this series on It was written by one one of their forum members, Cutter. It is a great series about preparing on a shoestring. They have since shut down their forums and I did not want this information to disappear, so I have re-posted it here.

This is a must read for anyone that is trying to prepare on a budget. This series shows one how to go about getting prepared in a step by step manner that addresses the basics on up.

Prequel: In the Beginning

Part 1: Food

Part 2: Water Storage

Part 3: Shelter

Part 4: First Aid and Medical

Part 5: Sanitation

Part 6: Tools

Part 7: Communications

Part 8: Transportation

Part 9: Firearms

Part 10: Firearms Safety

Part 11: The 3 Day Kit

Part 12: The 7 Day Kit

Part 13: The 2 Week Supply

Part 14: The 30 Day Store (food)

Part 15: The 30 Day Store (equipment)

Part 16: Beyond 30 Days

Part 17: Loss of Utilities

Part 18: Natural Disasters

Part 19: Conclusion

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